Chapter 3. Importing Debian packages

Table of Contents

Importing from existing source package files
On-Build-Time merging
dpkg-source format 3.0 support
Using svn-buildpackage with native packages
Compiled native packages
Native packages not using autotools

Importing from existing source package files

The svn-inject utility is intended to import already packaged source packages into a new subdirectory of the repository, creating the repository layout as needed. Normally, it takes two arguments: the .dsc file of your package and the base URL of the Subversion repository.

Example 3.1. svn-inject example

svn-inject translucency_*dsc file:///tmp/z
cp /tmp/translucency_0.6.0.orig.tar.gz /tmp/tarballs || true
mkdir -p translucency/branches/upstream
tar  -z -x -f /tmp/translucency_0.6.0.orig.tar.gz
mv * current
svn -q import -m"Installing original source version" translucency file:///tmp/z/translucency
svn -m Tagging upstream source version copy file:///tmp/z/translucency/branches/
upstream/current file:///tmp/z/translucency/branches/upstream/0.6.0 -q
svn -m Forking to Trunk copy file:///tmp/z/translucency/branches/upstream/current file:///tmp/z/translucency/trunk -q
dpkg-source -x /tmp/translucency_0.6.0-1.dsc
dpkg-source: extracting translucency in translucency-0.6.0
svn_load_dirs file:///tmp/z/translucency/trunk . *
Running /usr/bin/svn propset svn:executable  initscript
Running /usr/bin/svn propset svn:executable  debian/rules
Running /usr/bin/svn propset svn:executable
Running /usr/bin/svn propset svn:executable  mount.translucency
Running /usr/bin/svn propget svn:eol-style base.h
Running /usr/bin/svn propget svn:eol-style Makefile
Running /usr/bin/svn propget svn:eol-style translucency.8
Running /usr/bin/svn commit -m Load translucency-0.6.0 into translucency/trunk.

Running /usr/bin/svn update
Cleaning up /tmp/svn_load_dirs_jD7OenzVjI
Storing trunk copy in /tmp/translucency.
svn co file:///tmp/z/translucency/trunk /tmp/translucency -q
svn propset svn:executable 1 debian/rules -q
svn -m"Fixing debian/rules permissions" commit debian -q
Done! Removing tempdir.
Your working directory is /tmp/translucency - have fun!

If you omit the URL, svn-inject will try to use the URL of the current directory as base URL. I would not rely on this, however.