Chapter 2. Getting started

Table of Contents

Quick guide
Basic svn usage
Creating Subversion repository
Using by multiple developers
SVN over SSH
Anonymous access

Besides the packages that are installed by dependencies when you install svn-buildpackage, you may need ssh and the obligatory tool chain: dpkg-dev, build-essential and all the packages they pull into the system.

Quick guide

Here is a quick guide for those who wish to build an existing package using an existing, publically available SVN repository. To create own repositories, skip this section and look for more details below.

NOTE: you need the upstream source tarballs, stored under a usual dpkg-source-compatible filename in tarballs/

  • svn co <svn://server/path/to/trunk> package
  • mkdir tarballs
  • cp dir-where-you-keep-the-source/package_version.orig.tar.gz tarballs/
  • cd package
  • svn-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot