svn-buildpackage - maintaining Debian packages with Subversion

Release: 0.7.1

The GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Why a version control system?
Contents overview
Popular repository layouts
2. Getting started
Quick guide
Basic svn usage
Creating Subversion repository
Using by multiple developers
SVN over SSH
Anonymous access
3. Importing Debian packages
Importing from existing source package files
On-Build-Time merging
dpkg-source format 3.0 support
Using svn-buildpackage with native packages
Compiled native packages
Native packages not using autotools
4. Common tasks
Building the package
Working with source
Handling new upstream versions
Finalizing the Revision
5. Command reference
svn-buildpackage — build Debian packages from SVN repository
svn-inject — puts a Debian source package into Subversion repository
svn-upgrade — upgrade source package from a new upstream revision
svn-do — export a source and run a command inside the source.
uclean — remove redundant files from upstream source packages
6. Further documentation
Various links

List of Examples

1.1. Directory hierarchy example.
1.2. Example branch directory hierarchy
1.3. Example configuration
2.1. Repository creation example.
2.2. post-commit hook example
2.3. Example of a custom ssh tunnel command.
3.1. svn-inject example
3.2. checking source formats with dpkg-source
3.3. Using a native tarball and mergeWithUpstream
3.4. Output of using mergeWithUpstream inside a native package
3.5. The useNativeDist property.
4.1. svn-inject initial checkout
4.2. svn-buildpackage example